Freedom, Responsiblity, Fairness and Respect.  I am proud to stand with the PPC and uphold these principles.


Build Pipelines

Use the Constitution to declare pipeline projects in the national interest.

Simplify the approval process and scrap Bill C-69 and Bill C-48

Find a buyer for the TMX pipeline.

Reform the Unfair Equalization Program

Reduce the overall budget for equalization payments.

Introduce a fairer formula that gives poorer provinces the right incentives to develop their economy.

Respect the rights of Firearm Owners

Double the length of firearm licences from 5 to 10 years.

Classify firarms based on function, not appearance.

More Money in Your Pockets

Simplify Canadian tax system and cut taxes.

Open the telecommunications and air travel sectors to more competition.

Make milk, butter, cheese, poultry and eggs more affordable.

Sustainable Immigration

Stop illegitimate "refugees" at the border.

Reduce annual immigration to 250,000 or less.

Prioritize skilled immigrants.

Withdraw from United Nations Global Compact for Migration..

Reduce Government Spending

No more government handouts to business.

Eliminate foreign aid except in response to humanitarian crises.

Reduce the CBC budget.

Reassert Our National Sovereignty

Prioritize the security and prosperity of Canadians.

Withdraw Canada from Global Compact on Migration and Paris Accord.

Cut foreign aid except in response to humanitarian crises.

Reinvest in our Veterains and Armed Forces.