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Bringing Business Exprience to Government

Douglas Galavan is originally from a large farming family from the Calmar area, being the second youngest of 6 brothers and sisters. Out of high school he worked in the oil and gas industry briefly, until the downturn in the 1980’s which lead him to enrol at NAIT, where he gained his Mechanical Industrial Engineering designation. From there he worked at an engineering office designing structural steel and married his wife of 31 years Christina. While pregnant with their first child, they decided to relocated to the community of Drayton Valley, where they opened up an interior decor store and have been in business for the past 29 years. 
Their family grew to include his 4, now adult children, a wonderful daughter in law and the blessing of currently 2 grandchildren. As the business progressed into flooring and kitchens, Doug used his background to expand into property management and housing development work in the community of Drayton Valley. As his children grew, he became an involved parent in soccer, swimming, dance and theatre with his 3 sons and 1 daughter through the years.
Most recently Doug has become more politically active; being one of the founding members and spokesman for Rally Canada; a non partisan, advocacy group. Rally Canada is known for providing a voice for communities like Drayton Valley to fight for Alberta energy, resource development and played an active role in helping stop the Bighorn Park proposal.
Over the past few years, Doug has become increasingly concerned with the direction the major, federal political parties are leading Canada toward. With the formation of the new People’s Party of Canada, Doug has finally found a party that strives to uphold true Conservative principles. It is these principles, properly applied that will return Canada to a country that promotes human flourishing; so that the Province of Alberta’s, its communities’ and families’ futures are run in a prosperous, safe, and stable manner.

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